Every Last Drop

Explore water and our relationship to it.

Water feels ordinary to us because it’s so familiar, but it’s a truly extraordinary molecule. EVERY LAST DROP explores water and our relationship to it.

In What Is Water?, dive into the fascinating scientific properties of H2O.

  • Splash and learn at two activity-packed Water Tables. Use tabs to direct the flow of water, turn a water wheel, overflow a tipping cylinder, toss balls into a water vortex and more!
  • Make water move uphill with an Archimedes Screw. One of the oldest architectural tools, it helps H2O defy gravity.
  • Look up! The lights above the exhibit have a story to tell. They’re Suspended Water Molecules, and they reflect the physical states of the three phases of water.
  • In this exhibit, you’ll even learn from what you sit on. The Water Is Life Benches share simple but surprising facts about the world of water.
  • Ice, liquid or vapor — water is a beautiful, captivating wonder. Investigate the Phases of Water through three interactive touchscreens.

In Tapped Out, learn more about how we use water and why we should conserve it.

  • Learn more about Rain Barrels and how they help conserve water. (Though this is probably the only one filled by a Floating Faucet.)
  • The Tapped Out Room is a visual masterpiece with stunning images and interesting stories.
    • From individual efforts like the Life Straw to massive projects like the Colorado River revitalization, learn more about innovative H2O Engineered
    • While 70% of the Earth’s surface is water, less than 1% is available for human consumption. Explore How We Use Water, from drinking to “hidden water” in food and manufacturing.
    • Most of us have never been really thirsty, but it’s different in other parts of Our Tapped Out World. Learn more about water scarcity and the organizations working to help.

Explore the interaction between Water & Life, from watersheds to water treatment.

  • At Cleaning Our Water, pump water, press levers and turn basins at the interactive water treatment wall. Follow the process to understand where you get your water — and where it goes after you use it.
  • A river runs through the exhibit and some of it comes to life. Step on the Projected River to make waves and chase fish.
  • Learn more about the world’s River Cities, get tips on how to Clean Up Our Rivers and read how Kansas City’s Great Flood of 1903 affected Union Station.
  • Have you ever walked through a cloud? At the Cloud Fall, you’ll learn that water is in the air all around you — and experience it for yourself.
  • In Exploring an Aquifer, go deep in the earth where groundwater is found. Illuminate how water levels have changed over the years and see how much an aquifer refills when it rains.
  • When Stormwater streams into our storm sewers after a heavy rain, where does it end up? Learn more about Kansas City’s approach to keeping our waters clean.
  • Sculpt your own landscape on the Interactive Sand Table, make it rain and watch water flow through mountains and valleys. It’s all under your control in this augmented reality exhibit.
Every Last Drop

“From the youngest of our primary students to the oldest of our intermediates, the level of collaboration and teamwork is amazing!”

Dustin Springer, Merriam Park Elementary