Helpful resources for your proposal.

Educators, bookmark this section and check back frequently as your student teams prepare their entries. We’ll be uploading tips, tools and answers to frequently asked questions throughout the preparation timeline.

  • Looking for more information about Criteria #4: Social Media? This document will aid your understanding.
  • We asked veteran Battle of the Brains educators for a few general tips. Take a look!
  • Want to hear what judges from past cycles had to say? Check out their tips.
  • Review the potential build-out areas for the exhibit within Science City.
  • If you missed out on attending a Battle Plan Info Session, don’t despair. You’ll still benefit from reviewing the presentation.
  • Since the competition debuted in 2011, we’ve seen 1,500-plus entries stuffed with big ideas, STEM principles and a healthy dose of student-driven enthusiasm. Check out a few examples from previous competitions. 
  • Check out the FAQs to find an answer you may have been seeking.

During this period, remember these words of wisdom from our judges: Every team wants a winning proposal. But what is most meaningful to us is knowing every entry reflects a group of kids who are thinking big about STEM (and even considering a STEM career someday). Savor the experience!

“From the youngest of our primary students to the oldest of our intermediates, the level of collaboration and teamwork is amazing!”

Dustin Springer, Merriam Park Elementary