Develop an idea that captures the imagination.

Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains is judged in a vigorous process by three groups.

  • Round One

    Science City and Burns & McDonnell screen all entries for compliance.

  • Round Two

    The top entries are judged by a Science City/Burns & McDonnell panel of experts in science, engineering and academia. The panel evaluates and ranks the entries according to the criteria, and based on the ranking selects the Top 20, 10 entries from each division. The judges’ ranking of the top 20 accounts for 70 percent of the final rankings. All decisions of the panel are final.

  • Round Three

    The remaining 30 percent of the final rankings are determined by a public vote at botbkc.com. Everyone in Kansas City and across the country has an eligible email address can vote.

The public vote will affect the final rankings. Getting out the vote can make a difference!

“My students grew exponentially in the realm of STEM awareness, personal dedication and project completion. They learned to collaborate — not just with each other but with scientists and engineers.”
Jennifer Thomas, Turner High School