Science of Energy

Explore our relationship with energy.

The SCIENCE OF ENERGY explores energy and our relationship to it. Through interactive discovery, you’ll earn a better understanding of where energy comes from, with an emphasis on renewable sources. Build on the basics to understand humankind’s impact on energy resources and explore a global perspective into the world’s relationship with energy, now and in the future.

  • Hop on the Power Wheel to harness your own human energy and generate electricity. Step onto the giant wheel and get walking to light up an Unplugged sign, while a digital display tracks speed, distance, calories burned and watts of energy generated.
  • Demonstrate how the body is an energy-generating machine with the Bicycle Generators. Jump on a stationary bicycle and pedal away, transferring the energy from food into motion. That motion, in turn, generates electricity that powers up small electronics relevant to your life.
  • The Electric Hand Crank Generator explores the machines that turn energy into electricity. Turn the crank to power up lights and a fan, getting an inside look at a generator that uses conductive wires spinning through a magnetic field.
  • At the Wind and Solar Impact Table, learn more about wind and solar power and its role in our energy mix. By turning up the wind to activate turbines, adjusting sunlight levels and changing the angle on solar panels, you can influence the energy generation of a model city.
  • The Turbine Display tells more about wind as an energy source, from its use by our ancestors to its practical applications today. A digital display offers interesting content while a massive turbine blade display offers a real-world perspective.
  • The Solar Panel Display highlights the potential of the sun to help meet our energy needs. Get an up-close view of a solar panel, used all over the world to harness the sun’s energy on homes, businesses and even street signs.
  • At the Energy Spectrum Wall, get a straightforward but comprehensive look at where we get our energy, from non-renewable fossil fuels like coal and gas to renewable sources like wind and hydro.
  • The Imagine Energy Digital Wall is a giant, interactive touch screen with a world of information about energy — history, science, global perspective, future, careers and opportunities. Navigate tabs to reveal information, images and video within a dynamic framework.
    • The Timeline offers a historical perspective of humankind’s relationship with energy, beginning with the control of fire and continuing through today’s exploration of renewable energy sources.
    • The Science is a foundational presence for the entire exhibition, offering information on core terminology and landmark discoveries.
    • Global View uses an interactive map to offer a comprehensive perspective on energy, instantly identifying countries that are power players in energy production and consumption.
    • The Future offers a glimpse at technologies that may shape tomorrow’s energy world and a fuller understanding of why this research is so vital.
Science of Energy

“A popular buzz phrase in education is ‘authentic audience.’ BOTB provides my students with purpose – they know that ACTUAL engineers are going to be looking at their ideas and that motivates them to put in tremendous amounts of effort.”

Jennifer Medina, Cordill Mason Elementary