Burns & McDonnell Foundation

Helping kids create something amazing.

The drive to strengthen communities is the heartbeat of Burns & McDonnell, in our work and with the Burns & McDonnell Foundation. Over the past few years, we’ve invested more than $5 million in grant programs that support STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

So why do we care so much about this cause? Every day, our employee-owners rely on STEM skills, passion and a lifelong curiosity to change the world. The opportunity to light the same spark and build the same foundation in kids? Well, that’s pretty amazing.

We believe the U.S. should be a place where kids develop the next great app or software and not just use it. We believe this is where STEM professionals will engineer a revolutionary water filtration system or design a building with zero environmental impact. With a strong foundation and ongoing support, it will happen. Together, we can spark an interest for students that can shape their path and resonate throughout their lives.

“Students aren’t creating a product for a hypothetical environment or ’playing’ at being scientists. They must make a plan for a REAL product that will be right down the street from them should they win.”
Jennifer Thomas, Turner High School